Window and Door Suites

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Inline window systems

You’ve probably already noticed there’s something different about the way Stärke AMBIANCE™ windows and doors feel. 

We’ve set ourselves a higher standard for performance on almost every measure possible. The difference may be unseen but it’s all around us – creating positive changes in the atmosphere and how it makes your place feel. We make the things you cannot see better – silence, energy, warmth, air quality.  

  • Warmer homes and bedrooms with industry leading R values
  • Tilt & Turn and Lift & Slide products available from standard range
  • Modern aesthetic with clean and bold sash and frame profiles
  • Won’t fade in the sun with UV protected composition


Architectural ALUMINIUM

The Stärke 40 Architectural Suite is the go-to suite for architectural builds, with a cost platform lower than other architectural suites but superior performance. Right across the suite, giant windows and doors are available, meaning that we can provide what is required.

  • Giant windows with even larger glazing pockets and stronger frames
  • Invisible fixings and no frame penetrations with spigotted joints
  • Shared components and aesthetic with 35mm suite

StÄrke Commercial

Commercial ALUMINIUM

The Stärke commercial suite features 106, 138 and 159mm sizes, and includes centre, flush and structural glaze, with high seismic capacity.

With the Stärke flat face frame design, sight lines are consistent and clean and integrate beautifully with the Stärke 40 architectural suite for unparalleled flexibility.

  • 106mm centre, flush and structural glaze
  • 138 flush and structural glaze
  • 159 flush and structural glaze
  • 96mm bi-fold
  • Integration with all Stärke40 products