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Windows are a key part of all residential and commercial buildings. They let in light and ventilation as well as being a key design feature and can change the atmosphere of an area for the better!

Check out our range of windows from awning, casement and fixed through to sliding & bifold options. We’ve also selected a range of common configurations which are available across the Starke35, 40 & Commercial Suites.


Doors are required to be functional and reliable. Starke have tested our products to ensure our customers are entirely satisfied with the design and overall performance. We’ve also included features such as flush sill sliding doors as standard, because we want everyone to enjoy the benefits.

Our door range includes Hinged Doors, French Doors, Bifold Doors, Sliding & Stacking doors – Explore our range and standard configurations


Hardware includes the handles, locks and accessories that accompany windows & doors. We offer products that are a good quality proven product with a warranty to back-up their performance.

View our range of hardware options for windows through to entrance doors.


An Entrance door is the heart of a home, and mostly it is the door that opens a home to friends and family. What better place to express your personal taste!

We have a range of stylish entrance door designs & a great selection of colours which will suit any style of home. Aluminium doors are extremely durable and suitable in situations exposed to the weather.


Colour adds emotion, excitement and flair to any structure, defining the space and complementing the environment where it is used.

Explore our Swift, Standard and entry door speciality colours.


Stärke uses glass that is complianmt with NZS 4223 in all window & door units. Therefore you can trust us to ensure your glass is meets the safety requirements so that your family or colleagues are safe.

By choosing the right glass for your windows, you can dramatically increase the energy efficiency and comfort of your home. View the range of options and read more about selecting the glass that best suits your need.