The Starke Story

At Starke we challenge the status quo.
We don't constrain ourselves to the tried and true.

In a complicated world, our mission is simple. Here at Stärke we strive to make things easier, to make life better, and simplify your world. With our experience in the industry and our understanding of the importance of customer service, we ensure that through innovative technology that we provide the best product and customer service for our clients. We will not stop innovating because it might ruffle feathers. We ruffle feathers.

Stärke is a fully integrated window and door design and manufacturing business. We’ve sought out the best in world leading design and manufacturing technology to create our range of windows and doors, which are specifically designed for our unique conditions. Strength is built into each element of our product, for long lasting durability and safety.

Stärke Windows & Doors

Take a look through our powdercoating facility - from picking through painting & packing

Posted by Starke Windows & Doors on Wednesday, 18 March 2020
Designed for the real world, with the input of people who touch windows and doors everyday, our products are created for life. In our Auckland facility we have ‘state of the art’ powder coating equipment with the latest spray systems direct from Switzerland, combined with Eco-friendly treatment systems that ensure that while we’re looking after you, we’re also looking after the environment.


Revolutionise the window & door market by providing more for less.


Continually improve the environments we work, live & play in.


Honesty.  Integrity.  Loyalty.  Ownership.

While we search far and wide for the best the world has to offer, we haven't forgotten where we come from.

Our team has strong links to the industry, with experience in windows & doors over three generations. This knowledge which is growing with us each year has formed a team with a solid understanding of the product and ability to find the solution to meet your needs.

The team at Stärke are dedicated to understanding your unique requirements, ensuring the best outcome, backed by proven technology and design methods. The team will assist you in the exciting journey from the beginning to the end of your project, and beyond.