Starke40 Suite

The ARCHITECTURAL range is designed with your home in mind. Strength is built into each element of our product for long lasting durability and safety.

The Stärke 40 Architectural Suite is the go-to suite for architectural builds, with a cost platform lower than other architectural suites but superior performance. Right across the suite, giant windows and doors are available, meaning that we can provide what is required.

Stärke40 is designed for larger architectural, commercial applications and more demanding environments, with the ability to create larger openings and a bold aesthetic. 

The Stärke product range has been developed specifically for the New Zealand and Australian markets and tested to exceed New Zealand and Australian standards.

Key Advantages

Performance Stats

  • Tested to beyond extra-high wind zones
  • 33.5mm glazing pocket for extra-large panes of glass
  • 25mm flange for better cladding coverage
  • 2.5m high or beyond
  • 300kg sliding door panel capacity

Product Range

  • Fixed and awning windows
  • Open in and open out hinged doors
  • Sliding and stacking doors
  • Sliding and stacking windows
  • Entry doors

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