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STÄRKE is a building performance company, and a volume supplier of high-performance windows and doors

We are trusted suppliers for many high performance builds.

We can also provide the lowest-cost method of meeting H1 compliance – by upgrading your windows and often nothing else. 

Our windows and doors are also stunningly beautiful, available in a range of configurations, and with impressive sizes. 

The STÄRKE Windows and Doors Story

Stärke windows and doors is a volume supplier of high performance window and doors. Widely used for multi-residential, apartments, commercial, architectural and standard builds, Stärke takes a holistic, whole-of-building approach to your project. The windows and doors control how your home or building performs, and we won’t let you leave it to chance…

View our range of WINDOW AND DOOR suites

Stärke can offer windows and doors in aluminium, commercial thermally broken aluminium, or Ambiance uPVC in a range of colours.


Architectural Aluminium


Inline Window Systems


Commercial ALuminium