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Hinged doors are common as they are functional and robust. They hinge on one side and have handles on both the interior and exterior with multiple key configurations available.

Ambiance uPVC hinged doors have multi-point locking around the frame which is engaged by moving the handle up. This offers a very secure and air-tight option.

Digital E-LOKs can also be fitted to hinged doors for the ability to control via an app.

Tilt and turn doors include the same hardware as Tilt & Turn windows. This configuration has a handle on one side and includes two opening functions. The first ‘turn’ function is operated by turning the handle 90 degrees and this opens the door  inwards hinging on the frame opposite the handle. The second ‘tilt’ function is operated by turning the handle a further 90 degrees and this opens the window inside from the top hinging at the bottom frame.

Tilt & turn doors are a convenient way to have access to the room and secure ventilation if this door is the only unit in the room (e.g. in the laundry).

French doors have two hinged panels which open from the centre. When open, there is no vertical bar in between the two panels to create a large opening area.

VarioSlide is a cost effective sliding system, available in both sliding and stacking configurations. Panels slide easily and have secure multi-point locking.

SmartSlide is a high-performance sliding system available at a competitive price. This system slides effortlessly and has high airtightness. To operate, the handle rotates 180 degrees and moves the sliding panel slightly away from the frame, this provides very little friction when sliding, and means when the door is closed it seals very tight.

Lift & Slide is our premium sliding system. This system has very high airtightness and is our recommended sliding system for Passive House. It operates by lifting the sliding panel up before sliding. This provides effortless sliding and great sealing when closed.


Invisifold doors are a bifold alternative and operate to create the maximum opening area.

Configurations include all panels sliding to the left or the right and have the first panel as a single hinged door. Each additional panel operated individually and slides toward the hinged door before swinging out to open fully.



VarioSlide and Stacking Doors


Hinged & French Doors and Invisifold

Maco Move

SmartSlide Doors


LiftSlide Doors


entrance doors

Starke Ambiance uPVC entrance doors include a vertical grooved profile with a pane of glass. The design is configurable and available in the same range of colours as the rest of the system.
Some example configurations are shown here, however others, even custom, are available. Insert panels are also an option.

Hardware includes the default lever handle, or an option for a digital E-LOK lever handle.



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