The windows are often the first element of the thermal envelope to condensate. This is because they have the worst insulation value compared to the walls, floor and roof. So what does this have to do with the installation? A lot actually.

The key point is joining the wall insulation with the window insulation in one big connected line.

typical install

Cold air in the cavity is bypassing the main thermal portion of the frame - going straight to the inside

recessed install

The frame is recessed so all cold air, including in the cavity, is on the outside of the window

Flashing Kit

The Ambiance system includes a 4-sided flashing kit to cover the cavity and cladding of the build. These are available in 7 different sizes to suit different cladding and cavity make-ups.

Fixing methods

The Ambiance system can be supplied with or without reveals.

With factory-fitted reveals, the timber liners are secured to the frame with fixing tabs and the junction is covered with air-tightness, providing superior air-tightness. Fixing is through the liners.

When supplied without reveals, steel fixing tabs and air-tightness tape will be supplied. The tape is applied after fixing the unit into the wall but before any internal finishings are fitted. This gives superior air-tightness and more flexibility with your internal finishing options as you are not limited to timber reveals.

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