our process

At STÄRKE, we believe that risks are avoidable and certainty is achievable.

We operate as a strategic partner from the beginning to ensure opportunities are not missed and issues are avoided before the design is final. Our unique methodology allows for seamless risk mitigation and guaranteed facade performance for people, planet and profit


We place a high value on finding out the buildings requirements and purpose. We ask the right questions and truly understand your goals and objectives


Working in unison with all project stakeholders, we ensure the facade is properly designed and delivered with no disruptions


We are here for the long term.
We are passionate about creating buildings that last and continue to perform, and relationships that last even longer.

We are no longer in a world of cheap energy

Using it wisely is more important than ever, and buildings are the biggest users globally. Façades, the hardest working element of the building, play the most critical role in energy performance.

The façade is the biggest contributor to heat loss and heat gain, which is the biggest contributor to building energy efficiency resulting in the single biggest impact on carbon emissions globally.

It’s time to do better.

Begin the process today!