About us

100% Kiwi

Starke Group is a fully New Zealand owned and operated company delivering facade solutions that are defining and improving the buildings of our beautiful country.

how we got here

Early 1980s

The family business began making windows and doors for the residential and commercial market from a small factory in Palmerston North


The manufacturing relocated to the far north and began trading under the name Alutec Ltd


Realising a need in the NZ market, Alutec and another family business joined together to begin the design process of a full new residential and commercial aluminium joinery system


Following 5 years of design and procurement, STÄRKE began supplying aluminium profiles to the two family businesses.


A re-structure of the business from a high level aligned our innovative passion with our experience to make a bigger difference to the buildings Kiwis live and work in.


Behind the scenes, our Ambiance inline window system was being developed. The announcement of the changes to H1 put the wind in our sails.


Our Ambiance inline window system was launched, and immediately started giving Kiwis a better, high-performing window and door option


In the first month of 2023, our automated uPVC manufacturing factory was set-up to facilitate high volume and large capacity production of our Ambiance system


40 years on and we are here. Passionate about helping you create buildings that perform. Perform for people, perform for the planet and perform for profit. We understand that the façades we specialise in aren’t just to keep the rain out. They serve a bigger purpose. They need to perform. Cue STÄRKE.