Colour adds emotion, excitement and flair to any structure, defining the space and complementing the environment where it is used.

All windows and doors are available in the Swift and standard range of colours. The Swift range is a selection of the most popular and cost effective colours. Prices vary between ranges. For colours outside of the standard range, please contact us or download a full Dulux powdercoat chart from our resources page.

Stärke is a Dulux Accredited Powder Coater. The coatings are applied in accordance with manufacturers specification and supported with quality control procedures. Dulux undertakes regular inspections to ensure Stärke meet the requirements and warranties. Stärke also undertakes its own tests and recordings on all individual batches. Dulux can provide a 10 year warranty for Duralloy and 20 years for Duratec coatings.

Note: The colours represented on these colour charts are indications only. Due to limitations of the printing process, these swatches may not represent the true colour. Where colour is critical, please contact us for powdercoated samples.

  • Colour Range
  • Care & Maintenance

The Swift Series colour range is a special selection of the most popular colours. The Swift Series windows & doors are only available in these eight colours - find out more about the Swift Series range here.


Standard Powdercoat Colours

You can choose from the Stärke standard powdercoat colours for all of your windows & doors. Most colours also are available as a colour-matched hardware option.


Specialty Powdercoat Colours

You can choose from the Stärke specialty  powdercoat colours for all of your windows & doors. Most colours also are available as a colour-matched hardware option.


Specialty Entrance Door Range

All entrance doors are available in the swift & standard powdercoat colours as well as the eight specialty botanic bounty colours and woodgrain powdercoat. Prices vary between ranges.

Caring For Your Powdercoat

Stärke windows & doors are coated with Dulux powders. For care of your powdercoated windows & doors, please read the following care & maintenance guide from Dulux.

 Powder coating is one of the most durable colour coatings available and, with very little effort on your part, it will provide you with many years of excellent service.

To extend the life of powder coated articles and to comply with warranty requirements for powder coated aluminium joinery, a simple, regular maintenance program should be implemented. The effects of ultra violet light, atmospheric pollution, dirt, grime and airborne salt deposits can all accumulate over time and should be removed at regular intervals. As a general rule cleaning should take place every three months. In areas where pollutants are more prevalent, such as beachfront houses and industrial or geothermal areas, then a cleaning program should be carried out on a more frequent basis ie, every one to two months.


Three steps to cleaning your powdercoating:

  • Carefully remove any loose surface deposits with a wet sponge.
  • Use a soft brush (non abrasive) and a dilute solution of a mild detergent, eg, pH-neutral liquid hand dishwashing detergent in warm water (DO NOT use solvents) to remove dust, salt and other deposits.
  • Ensure you thoroughly rinse the surfaces with clean fresh water after cleaning to remove all residues.


Other Powdercoat Cleaning Notes

  • Mask your joinery when building, renovating, plastering or painting.
  • Use approved tapes only to mask joinery & use masking tapes in accordance with manufacturer’s instruction.
  • You may use isopropyl alcohol or Methylated spirits and rinse with warm soapy water.
  • Only clean when powder coated surface temperature is below 25C.
  • Don’t rub powder coating excessively, especially metallic finishes.
  • If paint splatters or sealants do get on joinery, do not allow to dry, remove immediately.
  • Keep sunscreens away from powdercoating, some sunscreens adversely affect painted finishes.
  • Don’t use turpentine, white spirits, thinners, citrus based cleaners or other aggressive solvents on powder coating (these may be harmful to the extended life of the powder coated surface and should be avoided as the damage may not be visible immediately and may take up to twelve months to appear).