Starke Thermally Broken Commercial


The Stärke commercial suite features 106, 138 and 159mm sizes, and includes centre, flush and structural glaze, with high seismic capacity. Featuring unique fully sealed end dams to ensure high performance water management, strength is built into each element for long lasting durability and safety. With the Stärke flat face frame design, sight lines are consistent and clean and integrate beautifully with the Stärke 40 architectural suite for unparalleled flexibility

Stärke’s thermally broken flush glazed commercial aluminium system is a high performance energy efficient framing option that utilises the latest in European Polyamide Thermal Break technology. Combined with Australian design principles this achieves the best possible results in energy rating in a system that is easy to fabricate and install. Its versatility allows countless specifications to be achieved, from standard shopfront applications through to low rise curtain wall applications. It has been designed to accommodate high performance double glazed units that can maximise the performance of the building envelope.

Key Advantages

Performance Stats

  • Excellent ‘Uw’ values down as low as 1.9
  • Maximum Product Performance SLS (Pa) 3000
  • Maximum Product Performance ULS (Pa) 5200
  • Maximum Product Performance Water (Pa) 700
  • 16mm glazing pocket for centre single glaze
  • 34mm glazing pocket for centre double glaze
  • Single and double glazed

Product SIZES

  • 150 x 60mm Framing
  • Max recommended size: 4500mm Height, 2400mm Width
  • 38mm wide glazing pocket accepts double glazed options up to 32mm
  • 138mm flush and structural glaze

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