Northcote College

Located in North Auckland, the new Northcote Collete Technology Building will be a state-of-the-art education facility.
STARKE are proud to be supplying the redevelopment of the main building with over 2000sqm of the high performance STARKE Thermaframe Thermally Broken Aluminium 150mm commercial glazing.

Over 16 months ago when the project team were stuck for a façade provider who not only had the capacity to take on a project of this size, but also who had the necessary knowledge and product to execute on a building with these performance requirements, they turned to STARKE for the solution. Working closely with other project partners on building energy modelling, balancing heating demand with cooling demand, helping size the mechanical system, and ensuring that compliance with E3 was also assured with the thermally broken profile, STARKE have been integral for the façade strategy from the start. Our scope includes over 200 pages of shop drawings, PS1, design, supply and install; a truly end to end project with a high capacity team.

Specifications for the nerds🤓:
– System: STARKE Thermaframe Thermally Broken 150mm commercial glazing
– Area: Over 2000sqm of high-performance commercial glazing
– Panel dimensions: approx. 4140mm span x 1200mm width
– Frame Uf: 3.01 W/m2.K
– Overall R-value: R0.67
– Overall SHGC value: 0.41
– To be built by Naylor Love
– Lead Design Consultant and Architect: Ignite
– Glazing: Metro Performance Glass High Performance Sunguard SN70T
– Building Modelling: Mesh Consulting Limited
– Building Engineering: Oculus Architectural Engineering Ltd
– To be made right here in Auckland by New Zealanders!

Massive kudos to the hardworking teams and individuals from Ignite and Naylor Love for their commitment on this fantastic design.

  • Architect
  • Ignite Architects
  • Main Contractor
  • Naylor Love
  • Client
  • Northcote College
  • Services and Systems
  • ECI, Design, Engineering, Modelling, PS1, Shop Drawings, Supply & Install, Thermaframe Thermally Broken Curtainwall