Mountain Vista Estate

180 new homes with STÄRKE Ambiance

Mountain Vista Estate is a new family-friendly neighbourhood that encompasses all there is to love about South Auckland. Units comprising of one-bedroom apartments, two-bedroom terraced houses and three-bedroom terraced houses. It provides residents with a spacious, tree-lined neighbourhood that’s perfect to raise a family, build a career, and live a satisfying life.

The Mountain Vista Estate project comprises of over 180 units of townhouses, and each supplied with the high-performance STARKE Ambiance Inline window system in black – putting these homes well above code minimum.

They’ll be some of the best homes these occupants have ever lived in!

  • Client
  • CPMC
  • Architect
  • Cato Bolam
  • Constructor
  • CPMC
  • Services & Solutions
  • Design, Shop Drawings, Supply & Install, Ambiance uPVC Inline Window System