about Stärke

Where we’ve come from

Starke has its origins in grass-roots NZ construction, being a product of two family businesses which have been in the aluminium window fabrication game since the early ‘80s, being builders before that.

After being frustrated by the lack of development and improvements available to window systems in NZ, the two family businesses began designing their own system: the Starke system. This gave us the agility to change and innovate being a fully end-to-end window and door company.

This agility was really shown when we launched the Ambiance uPVC system in 2022.

Now, Starke Ambiance is creating warmer, drier & healthier homes around New Zealand.

our ambiance team

Ken Pridham

Commercial Director

Kevin Minnaar

Residential Sales Manager

Sam Weeks

Ambiance Project Manager

Daniel Currie

Chief Operations Officer

Katie GrimmË

Ambiance Sales

Ashton Simpkin

Lead Ambiance Estimator

Kush Joshi

Ambiance Estimator

Ashley Sorensen

Marketing Team Lead

Rob Foster

Design Manager

Benjy Simmons

Business Development Lead

Jonathan Almeida

Ambiance Production Team Leader

Alvin King


People are the heart of Stärke

We hold ourselves to our strong Stärke values





Our people and values
are in our DNA