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East Coast Bays Firestation


East Coast Bays Fire Station


APG Architect


984 East Coast Road Northcross Auckland

Stärke Suite

40 Architectural Suite

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Alutec Kerikeri

This beautiful new fire station was opened in June 2021, and what a stunner she is. Fire and Emergency New Zealand Board Chair Paul Swain says the brand new $8 million station has been strategically placed and designed to be sustainable and cater to the long-term needs of the area.

“The station is built to meet Importance Level 4 (IL4) construction standard which means it will remain operational after a major earthquake. It is eco-friendly with double glazing, thermal insulation and drains that collect run off water to be used for training and wash downs” Swain says.

The double glazing he speaks of is from the STARKE 40mm aluminium joinery suite, and includes seismic profiles to ensure that it’s operational even after a major earthquake. Starke was involved for the site measure, shop drawings, manufacture and installation for this project. It involves a significant quantity of exterior as well as interior joinery.


We dreamed of being firefighters when we were young, so we are very proud to have been a trusted build partner of the biggest fire station in the country!