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Rata Terraces


DuVal Group


DuVal Group


Cato Bolam


87 Tui Road, Papatoetoe

Stärke Suite

35 Residential Suite

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Starke Auckland

Rātā Terraces, the brand new terrace development in the rapidly growing suburb of Papatoetoe. It’s the perfect opportunity for first home buyers and investors looking for a quality property that promises growth. Rātā Terraces consists of 101 brand new one and two bedroom terraces at an unmatched price point in the Auckland market. Arranged along a private lane that joins Tui Road and Mangarata Avenue, the terraces offer convenience and ease of access.

STÄRKE was pleased to be able to work with the DuVal Group on this fantastic project featuring STÄRKE 35mm double glazed aluminium joinery windows and doors. The suite was a perfect fit for the job; strong enough to work with the design brief, yet flexible and cost effective enough to meet budget. The project was delivered on time and in spec – you can see more here,


Well done DuVal – another fantastic opportunity for Kiwis.