Indoor Outdoor Flow

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Summer is all about enjoying the long, warmer evenings with family and friends. The connection between the indoor & outdoor spaces is important so that you can spread throughout the two areas of your home. Indoor Outdoor flow isn’t limited to the living area either, large sliding and stacking doors are also popular in bedrooms and kitchens, so you can spread outdoors and enjoy the fresh summer breeze.

We suggest large opening doors such as sliders, stackers or bifolds so you can open up your home and the flow isn’t restricted or blocked – this is especially great for connecting the living-dining area to an alfresco. We can also offer a flush sill option for some configurations, which creates a smooth transition between the areas, also removing a potential trip hazard

Check out a few of the photos we have collected to show a few excellent examples of indoor-outdoor flow.

(Photo credits: Houzz, Archipro)